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Communities in Transition 

for Queensland Communities

Shed with solar, hot houses & sugar cane- Quest Media


What will the future look like?

We live in a world of unprecedented change.  Shaping our world are drivers of change that are both relentless and significant, touching on all aspects of our economy, society, and environment. It means that during the coming decades the industries and jobs that sustain our communities and way of life will have to adapt.  New economic opportunities will have to be created. Changes will come from new technology and automation, climate impacts, innovation in the energy system and global economics. Some of it will be disruptive.  One of the biggest economic trends affecting communities will be the global move to a low carbon economy.


Are our communities prepared to take advantage of the opportunities and manage the risks of change?

Resilient communities see the future as both a challenge and opportunity.  Most importantly, resilient communities do not wait for the future to happen.  They embrace it by adapting, organising and innovating to ensure that the key factors determining their quality of life are shaped locally.

A prosperous and thriving future for our communities will depend on our response to trends, the pathways we explore and choose, and how imaginatively we exploit opportunities and manage the risks that come with change.

The most resilient communities will be the ones that are most locally aware, willing to draw first on all their resources, self-organise and collaborate among themselves.  They will be the communities willing to learn, adapt and work with others including government to leverage investment for new projects, new capabilities and new jobs.  

The sooner we begin our transitions, the more choices we will have in how best to sustain our vibrant regions and communities into the future.

Communities embracing the future
regional scene, cows, sheep, tree

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