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Communities in Transition 

for Queensland Communities

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Build Back Better

The principle of build back better is to mitigate the impact of the next disaster after an event by not only replacing infrastructure to the same standard but replacing it with more robust infrastructure.

Queensland Reconstruction Authority, Queensland Government

The Queensland Reconstruction Authority (QRA) is charged with managing and coordinating the Queensland Government’s program of infrastructure renewal and recovery within disaster‐affected communities, with a focus on working with our state and local government partners to deliver best practice administration of public reconstruction and resilience funds.

Building Back Better in Post-Disaster Recovery, GFDRR

The approach to building back better during post disaster recovery.  

Building Back Better: How to Cut Natural Disaster Losses by a Third, 2018, The World Bank

The report looks at the potential benefits of improving reconstruction so that it minimises the overall impact of disasters on affected populations, reduces future risks, and boosts resilience.


One year on from Cyclone Marcus, a Darwin tree-planting scheme promises not to repeat past mistakes, March 2019, Kate Ashton, ABC News

Cyclone Marcus made landfall a year ago in Darwin on the morning of March 17, and Darwin City Council has since embarked on a new tree-planting program, saying it has learned from the lessons of the past. Darwin Council has conducted extensive research into the tree types most likely to be able to survive a cyclone, and produced a list of 25 trees on a "not to be planted" list, including African mahoganies.

'We need to be a lot smarter' about how Australia manages floods: expert, 2016 RN Breakfast, ABC News

Dr Jamie Pittock is an expert in environmental management and water policy at the Australian National University.

He says we have to be smarter about how we manage and mitigate floods.

'We need to pay for betterment. To build things back bigger, higher, stronger, so that they're not washed away next time'.

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