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Multiple crop inter-crop plantings
Multi-species cover crops
Boundary and riparian habitats

Farm profitability & biodiversity - Graziers with better profitability, biodiversity and wellbeing, 2018, Sue Ogilvy, Mark Gardner, Dr Thilak Mallawaarachchi, Dr Jacki Schirmer, Kimberly Brown, Dr Elizabeth Heagney, Australian National University 

This project aimed to discover the differences in profitability between graziers whose farms exhibit healthy functional traits and biodiversity of grassy woodlands and all other sheep, sheep-beef and mixed cropping-grazing businesses in their regions. Financial performance of farm businesses was compared with industry benchmarks and the ABARES Farm Survey participants. For additional social context, the project assessed the wellbeing of the graziers and compared this to NSW producers that have contributed to the University of Canberra regional wellbeing survey. The study found that the regenerative graziers that contributed to this project are often more profitable than comparable contributors to the ABARES Farm Survey, especially in dry years, that the levels of farm profit were similar to published industry benchmarks of ‘elite’ producers and they experience significantly higher than average wellbeing when compared to other NSW farmers. 

Multiple crop inter-crop plantings
Multi-species cover crops
Boundary and riparian habitats

Valuing our riparian assets, Cotton Info

This case study focuses on the Auscott property 'Midkin' at Moree, and the work that subsequent farm managers have done to regenerate riparian areas over the past 14 years. 

Riparian vegetation and land management, CottonInfo


In this case study, Dr Sam Capon & Dr Stephen Balcombe outline their investigations into where, when and how riparian vegetation regeneration occurs across the northern Murray-Darling Basin.

Benchmarking biodiversity in Mungindi, CottonInfo

This case study outlines the work of the Mungindi Area Wide Management Group in benchmarking biodiversity. 

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