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Improving capacity to withstand climatic events
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Queensland opportunities
Primary Industries
Queensland Opportunities

Queensland Sector Adaptation Plans, Queensland Government

The Queensland Government is developing eight plans to help prioritise climate change adaptation activities across the key sectors of the community. They have been developed in consultation with sector and industry stakeholders to reflect the needs and priorities of each sector. They identify emerging opportunities, share knowledge and encourage collaboration.

Queensland Climate Resilient Councils

The Q CRC is a five year program working with Queensland local governments to support their leadership in responding to climate change.

Resilient Queensland, Queensland Reconstruction Authority

As the most disaster prone state in Australia, it is critical to look for new ways of working together and improving the safety and resilience of Queensland communities. Resilient Queensland was developed in consultation with state agencies, the private sector and local governments to coordinate the statewide delivery of the Queensland Strategy for Disaster Resilience. It is a whole-of-government response to disaster resilience that involves better coordination of government policy, information management, project delivery and stakeholder collaboration.

Primary Industries

Improving the capacity of primary industries to withstand cyclonic winds (report) and

Improving the capacity of primary industries to withstand cyclonic winds, (Fact sheet), 2018, Agrifutures


Research Strategies being used by various industries to reduce the damage caused by cyclonic winds were identified and research trials undertaken to develop new production practices and technologies.

  • Trellis production has shown promising results in terms of cyclone protection for tropical tree crops.

  • Nursery trials were conducted to develop rapid propagation methods for a range of tropical tree crops and to produce nursery planting material better able to resist uprooting.

  • Defoliation trials on a range of fruit and forestry trees were conducted to determine if defoliation could be used to reduce the forces on a trees canopy to reduce the damage caused by cyclonic winds. 

Qld Ops
Primary Industries
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