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Clean Growth Choices

for Queensland Communities

Crops, hay bales & wooden fence- Quest Media

What's involved?

Six regional communities in Queensland will have a rare opportunity to be supported in creating a prosperous resilient future.


Teams of diverse community leaders will:


  • Explore future scenarios for Queensland and for their regions

  • Be exposed to a structured approach to managing change via a series of workshops where they will discover new tools and techniques to develop an economic and social roadmap for the future

  • Use these new tools and techniques to work collaboratively  to develop their own uniquely tailored transition roadmaps

  • Build networks to help break barriers and enable positive transitions

  • Begin implementing their roadmaps and inspire others to ensure we can all thrive in the face of global changes


New tools

The new tools and techniques will help communities ask and answer key questions like:


  • What is it we value about our community?

  • What currently contributes to our economic and social well-being?

  • What are the disruptions coming our way that are likely to affect our values?

  • What might need to change, economically and socially, to ensure we can retain what we value despite those disruptions?

  • What new industries or social initiatives can we welcome in our region and how?

  • How can we plan a staged approach to transition so we don’t over-commit too early?





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