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Decarbonising energy supplies
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Carbon Capture
Hydrogen Economy
Gas Distribution and Use
Carbon Capture

Callide Oxyfuel Project, Legacy Report, 2017

The Callide Oxyfuel Project was a world first project, successfully demonstrating how oxyfuel combustion and carbon capture technology could be applied to a coal-fired power station to generate electricity with low emissions. The project further advanced global knowledge of carbon dioxide storage. The plant was commissioned in 2011 and decommissioned in 2015/16.

Carbon Capture Projects

Further to the Callide Oxyfuel Project, there are a number of proposed carbon capture projects in Australia including Gorgan Gas Field (WA) and CarbonNet (Victoria). These are at various stages of progression. In February 2019, a world-first pilot project which will turn brown coal from Victoria's Latrobe Valley into hydrogen was approved by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA). The Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain project will test the feasibility of producing hydrogen from brown coal and shipping it to Japan for use in the domestic market. See link here.

Hydrogen Economy


National Hydrogen Roadmap, 2018, CSIRO 


The National Hydrogen Roadmap provides a blueprint for the development of the hydrogen industry in Australia, by informing investment so the industry can scale in a coordinated manner. CSIRO is partnering with key stakeholders to frame this dialogue and develop a path for hydrogen in Australia.

Hydrogen Mobility Australia

Hydrogen Mobility Australia's vision is a hydrogen society built upon clean and renewable energy technology, including hydrogen powered transport. 


We are a collection of vehicle manufacturers, energy companies, infrastructure providers, research organisations and governments with a mission to make this hydrogen vision a reality.

Gas Distribution and Use


Decarbonising Australia’s gas distribution networks, 2018, Deloitte Access Economics

Deloitte Access Economics was engaged by Energy Networks Australia to identify a practical approach for sustainably decarbonising gas distribution networks to provide low-emissions gas for direct use by Australian households and businesses. The report discusses the use of existing gas infrastructure to take advantage of low carbon options such as biogas production, hydrogen production (coal gasification) and carbon capture and storage. 

Australian Manufacturing, Gas Efficiency Guide

The Australian Industry Group, the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and the Energy Efficiency Council have produced this new resource for gas-intensive manufacturers: Australian Manufacturing Gas Efficiency Guide.

Carbon Capture
Hydrogen Economy
Gas Distribution
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