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Many agricultural regions are looking to value-add their activities by moving into agri-tourism.

More and more tourists are seeking out authentic experiences including farmstays, farm tours, farmers markets and gate sales, tasting trails, cooking schools and on farm dinners, produce festivals and Willing Workers On Organic Farms.  

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Transitioning to agritourism 
Roadmaps, plans & strategies
Data & statistics
Understanding agritourism 
Case studies
International resources
Transitioning to agritourism

Rural lands issues paper: Agricultural tourism, 2018, Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council 


Councils need to consider how to incorporate agritourism in their economic and tourism strategies planning, land use planning controls and operational activities. This Issues Paper provides guidance and recommendations that will actively promote agritourism in the Council area.

The six steps from farming to agri-tourism  & Tourism in agricultural regions of Australia - Developing experiences from agricultural resources, 2016, Michelle Thompson, Central Queensland University  

Agricultural regions looking for an economic kick-start now have a template to value-add their activities by moving into agri-tourism. Cairns-based CQ University Australia Associate Lecturer in Tourism, Dr Michelle Thompson, recently completed her thesis which investigated the keys to successfully transforming agricultural resources into food tourism experiences.

Food Tourism and Regional Development: Networks, products and trajectories, 2016, C. Michael Hall, Stefan Gössling, Routledge (Book) 

The book look at the ways in which the interrelationships between food and tourism contribute to the economic, environmental and social wellbeing of destinations, communities and producers. It examines examines the way in which tourism and food can mutually add value for each other from the fork to the plate and beyond. Looking at products, e.g. cheese, craft beer, noodles, wine; attractions, restaurants and events; and diverse regional examples, e.g. Champagne, Hong Kong, Jamaica, Margaret River, southern Sweden, and Tuscany; the title highlights how clustering, networking and the cultural economy of food and tourism and foodscapes adds value for regions.


Proposal to develop agritourism in Australia, 2018, Australia Regional Tourism Limited


The following proposal is designed to provide a scope for a National Policy or strategy on agritourism in Australia,  gather support from key national organisations, develop a budget and seek funding for implementation. 

Agri-tourism position paper, 2016, Tasmanian Government 


The Tasmanian Government plans to grow the value of agriculture ten-fold to $10 billion per annum by 2050. Agri-tourism operators are well positioned to capitalise on Tasmania's natural advantages and the opportunities that will arise from increased agricultural output, higher visitation and a stronger brand.

Roadmaps, plans & strategies

Mackay, Isaac, Whitsunday Food & Agritourism Strategic Action Plan, 2015, Knowledge Transfer Services Pty Ltd

Data & statistics

Agritourism – a developing growth engine for Australian agribusiness, Deloitte

This Agribusiness Bulletin looks at how agritourism has grown in recent years, its importance to the economy, and the regions where it is booming.

Understanding agritourism

Drivers of regional agritourism and food tourism in Australia, 2010, Ecker, S, Clarke, R, Cartwright, S, Kancans, R, Please, P and Binks, B, Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics 

The research addresses what are the features and benefits of regional agritourism and food tourism, the key drivers and barriers influencing regional agritourism and food tourism and what is required to generate successful agritourism and food tourism in a region. Three-hundred respondents took part in the study through interviews, focus groups and a survey of business operators.

Agripreneurs  in agritourism: A Regional Study Being a Research Study into Who Takes the Step, in the Northern Rivers Region of New South Wales, Australia, 2014, Susan Vinnicombe, Southern Cross University 

Research that looks at why some and not all agripreneurs pursue agritourism opportunities prompted this research. Preparedness to take risks, viewing change as positive, a need to achieve, desire for personal satisfaction, being in control of their own destiny, constantly scanning their environments for opportunities, self-motivation and extroversion were all key components. 

Case studies 

Agritourism across Gippsland, 2011, Madeline Toner and Susan Webster, Agribusiness Gippsland


Success factors, challenges, trends, financial footprint and strategy suggestions. 

Drivers of regional agritourism and food tourism in Australia, 2010, Ecker, S, Clarke, R, Cartwright, S, Kancans, R, Please, P and Binks, B, Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics 

Includes case study regions for the: 

  • Harvest Highway (Western Australia) - Farm gate produce

  • Eastern Gippsland (Victoria) - Dairy, fruit, grapes

  • Tamar Valley (Tasmania) - Vineyards, organic produce

  • Northern Rivers (New South Wales) - Tropical fruit, vegetables, nuts, coffee

  • Orange (New South Wales) - Boutique produce, vineyards

  • Tropical North (Queensland) - Beef, dairy, tropical fruits

Agritourism Visitor Industry Mapping, 2018, Quantum Market Research 

This report identifies current agritourism businesses within the Hume region and assess the extent to which they are aligned with target audience demand. It seeks to understand capacity to evolve the current agritourism offering and the associated drivers and barriers to growth.

Farm Diversification Special: Whispering Woods2018, The Farm Table 

  • Hosts weddings.

Farm Diversification Special: Katherine Outback Experience2018, The Farm Table 

  • Showcase life on the land. 

Farm Diversification Special: Corynnia Station2018, The Farm Table

  • Farmstay B&B 

Red Hill Cherry Farm thinks beyond farm gate for income streams, 2018, Mornington Peninsula, VIC

 Pioneer the state’s oldest pick-your-own cherry enterprise to shift the business ethos from conventional to tourism-based cherry markets. Production costs are almost half those of growers who sell cherries in conventional markets.


Agri-tourism start-up venture to encourage city dwellers to visit Australian farms, 2016, ABC News


An agri-tourism start-up venture to get more people visiting farms on their holidays is being developed by the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries. The Visit My Farm project aims to introduce city dwellers and consumers to farmers, through an easy-to-use web platform.


Agritourism and the Internet, 2012,


A presentation given at the New Rural Industries Australia Conference about remaking the connection between farmers and eaters. 

International resources

New Zealand Food and Agritourism, 2018, Ministry of Primary Industries - Economic Intelligence Unit 

Industry insights 

Agritourism in Italy, 2009, ISS Institute

A study of the Italian model of agritourism and its produce can benefit the growth of agritourism in the Australian tourism industry.

Ecotourism, agro-tourism and rural tourism in the European Union, Maria-Irina Ana,  Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Romania

The objectives of the paper is to research important implications and identify significant trends of ecotourism, agro-tourism and rural tourism in the European Union, focusing on the New Member States area, as there is a lot of potential for the expansion of these forms of tourism in the region. 

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