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Farm diversification

Farm diversification allows producers to develop other forms of income and enterprises in addition to traditional farming activities to help manage risk and provide additional cashflow. 

Diversification can include producing unique livestock and agriculture products, forestry, carbon farming, value-added and branded products, market diversification & agritourism. 

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Benefits and pitfalls of farm diversification
Case studies
Useful research
Benefits and pitfalls of farm diversification 

The Farm Table posts on farm diversification 


Part 1: 7 ways to diversify your farm, 2018, The Farm Table

Farm diversification refers to moving to alternate forms of income and enterprises outside of traditional farming activities. This post looks at a range of farm diversification options available to producers and landholders including unique livestock and agriculture products, value-added/branded/manufactured products, market diversification, accommodation & agritourism. 

Part 2: Advantages, disadvantages and major pitfalls of farm diversification, 2018, The Farm Table

This post, look at the advantages, disadvantages and major pitfalls of diversification. 

Part 3: 5 steps to consider before diversifying on farm, 2018, The Farm Table 

Key issues to think about when considering farm diversification.

Case studies

Costs and Benefits of Diversification Whole Farm Case Studies, 2002, Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation

Sets out a series of 10 whole farm case studies from across Australia, examining the costs and benefits of diversification and documents the personal experiences of each farming family, and the lessons they have learnt through diversifying their farm business.

Evedon Park, WA 

  • Farm stay 

Farmhouse Cheeses, Kangaroo Island

  • Speciality cheese production

Portee Station, SA  

  • Squab and game processing

Glenloth Game, Vic

  • Grows, slaughter and process free-range chickens, ducks & squab

Stoney Creek Oil, Vic

  • Cropping and health food oil products

Forester Lodge, Tas  

  • High value irrigated crops in an area not known for cropping

Blaxland Walcha, NSW 

  • Backgrounding pigs

Midlands Fish, NSW

  • Trout aquaculture 

Bantry Grove, NSW  

  • Vineyard

Alcheringa Marron and Damaras Three Springs, WA  -

  • Aquaculture and damaras (species of sheep adapted to extreme climates and harsh environments) stud 

Useful research 

Farm diversification and succession planning issues paper, 2018, Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council

The CGRC region’s future depends on its ability to embrace change and trends. Council’s ongoing engagement with the farming community to share accurate information and develop common understanding is essential. Ways of supporting farm diversification, succession planning and farm business decisions need to be considered by CGRC to help maintain the current balance between family farming and corporate farming; family farming being a cornerstone of the district.


Why Do Farming Families Diversify? 2007, Alison Medhurst and Robin Segrave, Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation

Current knowledge of farm enterprise diversification in Australia from the farm family perspective by researching and collecting their reasons and motivations for diversifying and examining their decision making processes, their information needs, and their common traits.

Farm Diversification through Farm Shop Entrepreneurship in the UK, 2017,Susan Slocuma and Kynda Curtisb, Journal of Food Distribution Research Volume 48, Issue 2

This study examines farm shops as a farm diversification strategy by investigating farm shop managers as entrepreneurs and highlighting the strategies and skills required for success through interviews with farm shop owners in the UK.




Diversification critical in dry zone, 2018, Farmonline

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