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Communities in Transition 

for Queensland Communities

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Fostering innovation
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Innovation Ecosystems

Statement of Principles for Australian Innovation Precincts: Place-Based Partnerships Building on Competitive Strengths, 2018, Australian Government, Department of Industry, Innovation and Science.

This Statement of Principles is intended to foster improved precinct development by clarifying the role of the Australian Government, and aligning and informing inter-related activities and future planning by businesses, the research and education sector, and governments at all levels who are seeking to develop precincts.

Regional universities have a pivotal role to play in Australia’s City Deals, 2017, Caroline Perkins, The Conversation

Regional universities are poised to play a pivotal role as the Australian government rolls out more City Deals. For the sake of national cohesion and prosperity, Australia cannot afford to leave entire regions and cities behind. Place-based economic development policies offer these communities the sort of hope that only a collaborative plan created from the bottom up can give. 

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