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Communities in Transition 

for Queensland Communities

Indigenous Artist - Roel Wijnants |

Lychees - CSIRO - Science Image - 2309

Lichen & street scene - Quest Media

Farm forestry plantations
Emissions reduction 

New farm forestry plantations, Clean Energy Regulator 

Methodology to claim earn Australian carbon credit units (ACCUs) for emissions reductions that can be sold to generate income to the government tor in the secondary market, legislation, tools & resources 

e.g. establishing and maintaining trees on land that has previously been used for grazing or cropping. Trees can be grown as either permanent plantings (no harvest) or in harvest plantations.

Case studies

Focus on carbon farming makes economic sense Jigsaw Farms, Victoria, Young Carbon Farmers

Jigsaw Farms is combining a profitable, high-input livestock and agroforestry operation with a calculated plan for greenhouse gas emissions reduction and sequestration. Increased growth and reproduction rates are key drivers for success, as higher fecundity levels in sheep and cattle reduce methane intensity impacts significantly.

Useful research 
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