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Communities in Transition 

for Queensland Communities

Indigenous Artist - Roel Wijnants |

Lychees - CSIRO - Science Image - 2309

Lichen & street scene - Quest Media


Industrial verses organic, Sustainable Table


Case studies


US Organic Farming Hotspots – An Opportunity for Rural Communities?

Julia Marasteanu and Edward C. Jaenicke’s county-by-county analysis of the United States shows that organic agriculture might be an effective way to promote rural economic development as exemplified in the four counties featured here. Farmers who are doing well have figured out that adding value to their products can improve profitability and the general financial health of their communities. 

Growth in diversification – value-added products, Red Hill Orchard, Victoria 

The Mock family converted to organic in 1974 and owner Neville Mock says if they didn’t they would have likely gone out of business years ago. They  produce bio-dynamic (enhanced organic) fresh fruit, apple juice, apple ciders and apple cider vinegar and freeze-dried fruit under their brand Totally Pure Fruits. 

Case studies


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