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Communities in Transition 

for Queensland Communities

Indigenous Artist - Roel Wijnants 

Mangoes- CSIRO - Science Image - 2310

Wamuran crop & pineapple farm - Quest Media

Robust Infrastructure:
Green buildings

Green buildings relate not only to the structure but how they are used by the occupants.  This can include building material choice, building orientation, and building codes, choice of internal equipment such as efficient lighting and air conditioning efficient equipment and also how the equipment is operated.  Efficient building considerations can also include maximising use of the space such as co-working spaces and hubs. Other considerations include ability to withstand extremes such as storms, floods, cyclones and bushfires.

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Robust infrastructure

Become more ecoefficient

Adapt to extreme heat and weather events

Develop robust infrastructure and sustainable transport


Become more ecoefficient


For Queensland companies that want to become more efficient contact us at and we will arrange a free personalised one-on-one ecoBiz coaching session.  Visit ecoBiz for more information. 


Building use 

  • Energy and water efficient appliances and systems

  • Waste minimisation from buildings

Adoption of technologies

  • Energy and water management systems

  • Home automaton - remote control of lights and HVAC ​

  • Smart appliances

Adapt to extreme heat and weather events 

Urban mitigation of the impacts of extreme heat

Preparing and functioning for extreme weather events & natural disasters 

Ops for effficiency
Build Robust Infrastructure
Climate Adaptation
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