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Communities in Transition 

for Queensland Communities

Indigenous Artist - Roel Wijnants 

Mangoes- CSIRO - Science Image - 2310

Wamuran crop & pineapple farm - Quest Media

Nuts - CSIRO - Science Iamge -3137_edite
Prospering businesses:
New Markets


There are potential new markets available to innovative and pro-active communities.  These opportunities could be regional, national or international. They could be best accessed by individual companies, a group of like minded companies or even as a region.  The new markets may require small changes to the products and services offered in the region or significant changes to diversify to capture these markets.  Supporting infrastructure and upskilling of staff may be required.  Short and long-term planning is required to make the most of these areas.

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Value Adding

Building capacity and fostering innovation

Robust infrastructure and sustainable transport

Value Add 

Market diversification



Economic diversification  


Resource and energy recovery

Sustainable transport

Regional ​Transport
Build capacity and foster innovation 

Capacity building


Fostering innovation​

  • Innovation ecosystems

    • Innovation hubs

    • Connectivity 

    • Collaboration 

    • Leadership

    • Communities of practice

Value Adding Ops
Foster Innovation
Robust Infrastructure
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