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Communities in Transition 

for Queensland Communities

Indigenous Artist - Roel Wijnants 

Mangoes- CSIRO - Science Image - 2310

Wamuran crop & pineapple farm - Quest Media

Resilient producers:
Sustainable and regenerative agriculture 

Quick Links

Value Adding

Become more ecoefficient

Build capacity and foster innovation

Value Add 

Regenerative agriculture 


Precision Agriculture


  • Functional Foods

  • Protein and Animal Feed

  • Bioenergy




Hydroponics, aquaponics, aeroponics 

Indigenous knowledge

Initiatives for carbon credits (land based) 

Adoption of technologies

  • Field and Water Management

  • Variable Rate Application

  • Guidance

  • Remote Management

  • Data Management


Become more ecoefficient


For Queensland companies that want to become more efficient contact us at and we will arrange a free personalised one-on-one ecoBiz coaching session.  Visit ecoBiz for more information. 

Industry sectors ​ 

For manuals, toolkits, research and case studies on ecoefficiency in production, manufacturing, processing and retail visit The Ecoefficiency Group resources page.

Build capacity and foster innovation 


Capacity building


Fostering innovation​

  • Innovation ecosystems

    • Innovation hubs

    • Connectivity 

    • Collaboration 

    • Leadership

    • Communities of practice


Low Res_Peachcester_ Nut Farm _Quest Med
Value Adding Ops
Ops for effficiency
Build Capacity
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