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Communities in Transition 

for Queensland Communities

Indigenous Artist - Roel Wijnants 

Mangoes- CSIRO - Science Image - 2310

Wamuran crop & pineapple farm - Quest Media

Robust Infrastructure:
Sustainable transport 

Sustainable transport looks at the long term supply chain requirements of the community to facilitate economic growth and diversity. For regional and remote area of Queensland transport issues to overcome include:

  • distances that need to be travelled, 

  • time to market

  • supply chain requirements

  • weather impacts e.g. flooded roads

  • population limitations.

Sustainable transport often looks at getting people out of cars and into public transport.  This is not the major issue for regional and remote areas as the populations are generally not large enough to sustain public transport.  
Sustainable transport in regional areas need to look at how the local businesses and population can be sustained and supported. Once these are supported additional infrastructure can be considered such as electric vehicle charging centres.

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Sustainable transport

Build capacity and foster innovation 

Adapt to extreme heat and weather events

Sustainable transport  

Regional ​Transport
Transport choices
Low carbon infrastructure

Adoption of technology

  • Supply chain logistics 

  • Traffic management 

  • Sensors to monitor goods

  • Sensors for optimal fuel consumption, driver behaviour and maintenance

Build capacity and foster innovation 


Capacity building


Fostering innovation​

  • Innovation ecosystems

    • Innovation hubs

    • Connectivity 

    • Collaboration 

    • Leadership

    • Communities of practice


​Adapt to extreme heat and weather events

Electric cars being charged - CGC Projec
Build Capacity
Build Robust Infrastructure
extreme weather
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