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Communities in Transition 

for Queensland Communities

Indigenous Artist - Roel Wijnants 

Mangoes- CSIRO - Science Image - 2310

Wamuran crop & pineapple farm - Quest Media

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Leading by example: 
Leading local councils 

Local Councils can take a lead in transitioning their communities by ensuring their own facilities are efficient and they can support businesses in their community who also want to make transitions.  Examples of communities already taking the lead can be found here.

Quick Links

Value Adding

Become more ecoefficient

Build capacity

Foster innovation 

Robust infrastructure 

Climate adaptation

Value Adding

Resource and energy recovery

Carbon credits


Adopting new technology​

  • Utilities

    • Drone inspections 

    • Smart grid meters (usage data and demand prediction)

    • Sensors of preventative maintenance and failure prediction  

  • Local Government & Infrastructure

    • GPS control of lighting 

    • Adaptive lighting 

    • Waste management 

  • ​Transport

    • Traffic management 

    • Sensors for optimal fuel consumption, driver behaviour and maintenance

  • Buildings​

    • Energy and water management systems

    • Smart appliances

Become more ecoefficient


For Queensland companies that want to become more efficient contact us at and we will arrange a free personalised one-on-one ecoBiz coaching session.  Visit ecoBiz for more information. 

Industry sectors ​ 

For manuals, toolkits, research and case studies on ecoefficiency in production, manufacturing, processing and retail visit The Ecoefficiency Group resources page.

Develop robust infrastructure and sustainable transport

Regional ​Transport
Transport choices
Low carbon infrastructure
Large scale renewable energy projects

Build capacity and foster innovation 


Capacity building


Fostering innovation​

  • Innovation ecosystems

    • Innovation hubs

    • Connectivity 

    • Collaboration 

    • Leadership

    • Communities of practice


Adapt to extreme heat and weather events


Value Adding Ops
Ops for effficiency
Build Capacity
Build Robust Infrastructure
Climate Adaptation
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