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Place branding  - Regional
International Research

Aspects of Sustainability in the Destination Branding Process: A Bottom-up Approach, 2012, Zouganeli, S., Trihas, N., Antonaki, M. and Kladou, S., Sheffield Hallam University Research Archive

The sustainable dimensions of the destination branding process are explored, while focus groups and structured questionnaires are used to evaluate the usefulness of projection techniques in the process of building a brand identity. It seems that the use of the personification technique could work as an effective destination positioning exercise and as an alternative proposal to the outdated clichés used in tourism promotion. 

Place branding's role in sustainable development 2011, Vishwas Maheshwari, Ian Vandewalle, David Bamber, Journal of Place Management and Development, UK 

The findings suggest that place branding plays an important role in the sustainable development of a place, provided that the momentum of progress is maintained. In turn, these sustainable developments help promote the place and thereby create stronger place brands.


Tourism Destination Management 

Sustainable Regional Tourism Destinations - Best practice for management, development and marketing, 2010, Meredith Wray et al Sustainable Tourism CRC

This report presents findings of a three-year research project undertaken to determine what regional tourism stakeholders have learnt from practice, and what they consider to have contributed to best practice, for the sustainable planning, management, development and marketing of regional tourism destinations in Australia.
The guide to best practice Destination Management, Australian Regional Tourism Network
Best practice Destination Management is a holistic process that ensures tourism adds value to the economy, social fabric and ecology of our communities. The Guide to Best Practice Destination Management – a practical guide for those working at the coal face of tourism destination management
Page also includes: 

List of the consultants, Template for extended brief for a tourism plan and small budget brief for a tourism plan

Event Tool Kit, Mackay Tourism

The event branding tool kit helps increase destination brand awareness at events in The Mackay Region and can be used for consumer event marketing and merchandise by event publicists and organisers.

Gold Coast Destination Tourism Management Plan 2014-2020, 2014, City of Gold Coast
Sunshine Coast Tourism Region Destination Tourism Plan 2013-2020
Goondiwindi Brand Strategy , Goondiwindi Regional Council 

Riding On The Success Of Brand Australia: A Preliminary Analysis of Queensland Wines And Wine Regions, 2007,Wickramasekera, Rumintha, 2nd International Conference On Destination Branding and Marketing: New Advances and Challenges for Practice,China.

The aim of the paper is to gain a better understanding of the marketing strategies and regional factors that have aided the Queensland wineries and wine regions in achieving success. The results are based on a survey of the industry and an analysis of published data. In addition, a number of targeted interviews were undertaken with industry leaders in Queensland.

State branding 

DESTINATION SUCCESS The 20-year plan for Queensland tourism, 2014, State of Queensland

A 20-year plan to secure the long-term future of Queensland’s tourism industry. This plan sets out the aspirations Queensland wants to be known for and what will set Queensland apart as a destination of choice in a global industry.

Brand South Australia Brand Guidelines, 2018, SA Department of the Premier and Cabinet
South Australian guide with tools and information to showcase the SA brand.

Taste Victoria, 2018, Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources

The Victorian government’s roadmap for growing and investing in Victoria’s food and fibre exports.



Serving Up Victoria’s Best Food And Fibre To The World, Premier of Victoria

Customer preferences 
Australia’s Agricultural Future, 2015, Australian Council of Learned Academies
Section 5.4 deals with consumer preferences and Australia’s ‘clean and green’ image

Case studies

Goondiwindi branding strategy , 2018

Goondiwindi Regional Council has approved a new tourism branding strategy that will market the Goondiwindi region as ‘Regional Australia at its Best’. The strategy aims to position the region as a destination in the visitor economy and to offer a clear, strong marketing brand. Local businesses will be encouraged to use this ‘brand’ to promote our region to the community, visitors and potential investors wherever possible.


Orange: the gourmet destination with a reputation for sustainability, The Australian Framer 

In 2016, the town of Orange in Central West NSW and its surroundings welcomed over a million visitors – the first year in which the region has crossed that mark. Tourism to the area has grown in recent years as Orange’s beautiful scenery and heritage streetscapes has been bolstered by a burgeoning reputation for delicious food and wine. On top of this, organic and sustainable producers in the region are providing authentic experiences for a growing number of tourists interested in the social licence of farming.

Place Branding - Regional
International Research
Tourism Destination
State Branding
Customer Preferences
Case Studies
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