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Communities in Transition 

for Queensland Communities

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Unique or niche products
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It's better to be different, Chapter 1: Understanding Consumer trends in The Australian Farmer Pg 16

The Australian Farmer is a digital book to enable access to information on science, technology, innovation, knowledge, productivity and profitability.

New Opportunities in New and emerging agricultural industries, 2017, 7 Coriolis Australia & Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation

Over the next five years, AgriFutures Australia will focus on identifying new industries with high potential. This will result in a strong alignment of research activities that address AgriFutures Australia’s legislative requirements and the government’s research priorities.

For each product: 

  • Scorecard

  • What it is

  • What is driving its success?

  • Where is it produced in Australia?

  • What are the industry metrics?

  • Who are the pioneering Australian firms?

  • Who are the other key stakeholders?

  • Who are the competition for export markets?

  • How can you add value to it?

  • Who are the potential commercial partners?

Profiles have been developed for the following agricultural industries

  • MEAT: Wild Rabbit meat, Deer meat, Guinea fowl, Camel meat, Buffalo meat, Emu meat & Ostrich meat

  • AQUACULTURE: Silver perch, Seaweed, Marron crayfish, Redclaw crayfish, Yabby crayfish

  • DAIRY: Sheep milk, Buffalo milk, Camel milk

  • VEGETABLES: Parsnip, Chillies, Garlic, Turnip, Taro, Fennel, Okra, Bitter melon, Snake bean, Globe artichoke, Cassava, Wasabi

  • NUTS: Chestnuts & Hazelnuts

  • FRUIT: Prunes, Custard apple, Rambutan, Jackfruit,  Pitaya (dragon fruit), Mangosteen, Pomegranate & Guava

  • COFFEE, TEA, SPICES & COCOA: Black tea, Coriander seed, Cocoa bean, 

  • ARABLE CROPS: Chia, Amaranth & Buckwheat

  • OILSEEDS & VEGETABLE OILS: Flax seed/ linseed, Mutard seed, Hemp seed, Poppy seed

  • FIBRE: Alpaca fibre & Goat fibre

  • ESSENTIAL OILS: Eucalyptus oil & Lavender oil

Industry advice and information, Business Queensland  


Emerging Industries, Agrifutures

AgriFutures Australia supports a number of emerging rural industries including native plants such as kakadu plum, seaweeds and native pepper, as well as newer additions to Australian agricultural flora such as quinoa, hazelnuts and coffee. Emerging animal industries including sea urchin, camel milk, game birds, working dogs, alpaca and crocodile have also received funding to support RD&E.

Case studies

Cape Trib Farm, Cape Tribulation, Qld 

An exotic fruit orchard with over 2500 rare tropical fruiting trees lovingly cared for by three generations of the same family. The farm runs fruit tasting tours. The orchard has 42 solar panels, ia nverter and battery bank, which supplies 85% of our electricity needs; a generator supplements the needs, running for two to three hours per day and using approximately 3 litres of diesel. 

Farm Diversification Special: BABY BALES™, 2018, The Farm Table 


Produce small bales for owners of small pets or gardens.

Costs and Benefits of Diversification Whole Farm Case Studies, 2002, Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation

Sets out a series of 10 whole farm case studies from across Australia, examining the costs and benefits of diversification and documents the personal experiences of each farming family, and the lessons they have learnt through diversifying their farm business. These include:

  • Portee Station, SA  

Squab and game processing

  • Forester Lodge, Tas

High value irrigated crops in an area not known for cropping

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