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Value added agricultural products
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Case studies

Food and Agribusiness Roadmap: unlocking value‑adding growth opportunities for Australia, 2017, CSIRO

This report is the fourth in a series of five roadmaps, each aligned to the Federal Government's Industry Growth Centres. Over the next 20 years, Australia’s F&A sector has the potential to strengthen its position as a small but significant exporter of sustainable, authentic, healthy, high quality and consistent products. Enhancing the proportion of on-shore value-adding will be key, whether it be through the creation of unique products for niche markets or through developing varieties of commoditised goods with unmatched quality attributes and competitive production costs.

Sector Competitiveness Plan Food and Agribusiness Growth Centre, 2017

The Plan focuses on all innovation and value adding activities along the food and agribusiness value chain that meets the needs of consumers and/or customers, and results in the increased benefit and sustainable competitiveness of the industry. Where products are produced as commodities, they are excluded.

Value adding to Agriculture in Central West NSW, 2016, Regional Development Australia Central West

This report reviews current agricultural value adding tends and opportunities in Central West NSW, with particular focus on the categories of biotechnology, digital technology, processing and packaging, branding, and co-operation and collaboration. The report relies heavily on the case studies of Central West agribusinesses

Keys to the success of value added agricultureSouthern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group and The National Center for Appropriate Technology’s

Fourteen farmers in the Southern U.S. were interviewed for a project funded, in part, by the USDA’s Southern Region Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education (SARE) Program. This publication presents, largely in the farmers’ own words, important lessons they learned in adding value to their farm products and marketing directly to consumers. The keys to their success in valueadded agriculture include high quality, good recordkeeping, planning and evaluation, perseverance, focus, and building long-term relationships with customers

Case studies

Natural Evolution, 2017, Queensland Advance Manufacturing

The company produces a range of biomedical ointments, health supplements, food and beauty products using waste bananas previously sent to landfill.


Farm Diversification Special: Outback Harvest, 2018, The Farm Table 


Manufactures speciality grain on-farm. 

Gourmet Garden, Qld 

Costs and Benefits of Diversification Whole Farm Case Studies, 2002, Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation

Sets out a series of 10 whole farm case studies from across Australia, examining the costs and benefits of diversification and documents the personal experiences of each farming family, and the lessons they have learnt through diversifying their farm business. These include:

  • Farmhouse Cheeses, Kangaroo Island

Speciality cheese production

  • Glenloth Game, Vic

Grows, slaughter and process free-range chickens, ducks & squab

  • Stoney Creek Oil, Vic

Cropping and health food oil products

  • Blaxland Walcha, NSW 

Backgrounding pigs

  • Midlands Fish, NSW

Trout aquaculture 

Value adding through niche market idea, 2018, Australian Banana Growers

Pacific Coast Eco Bananas, is carving her own path to business success thanks to a creative idea to bring bananas to Aussie doorsteps.

Building the food revolution, Apple and Pear Australia Limited

Explores the world of value-added products and how developing high value fruit-based products and working with growers to increase their profitability. 

  • Unmilled and milled apple fibre,

  • Dried fruit without preservatives

  • Fibre, slices, dices and juice from low grade fruit

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