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Communities in Transition 

for Queensland Communities

Indigenous Artist - Roel Wijnants |

Lychees - CSIRO - Science Image - 2309

Lichen & street scene - Quest Media

Waste Mapping


Regional organic waste mapping in South Australia, Blue Environment

Blue Environment undertook a survey to identify organic waste materials generated and processed within three local council areas in South Australia, viz. Adelaide Hills, Barossa and Mt Barker. The objective was to develop a detailed understanding of the current and potential future supply of organic waste material which would be suitable for recycling and resource recovery within the area. A detailed methodology for data gathering was developed and documented, facilitating the same approach to be used by Zero Waste in other areas of the state in future.


Australian Biomass for Bioenergy Assessment - Queensland data Qld Government 

Detailed information about biomass resources.  The project collects, on a state by state basis, data on the location, volumes and availability of biomass

Includes: Cropping - cotton gin trash, Cropping - cotton seed, Cropping - cotton straw, Cropping - sorghum straw, Cropping - sugarcane bagasse (estimated available), Cropping - sugarcane trash, Cropping - wheat straw, Forestry - native forest (cypress) harvest, Forestry - native forest (cypress) wood, Forestry - native forest (hardwood) harvest, Forestry - native forest (hardwood) wood, Forestry - plantation (softwood) harvest residues, Forestry - plantation (softwood) pulplog, Forestry - plantation (softwood) wood, 

Horticulture - bananas, Livestock – feedlot cattle manure, Livestock – piggery manure, Livestock – poultry manure, Food processing – meat 

Urban waste - biosolids, Urban waste – food, Urban waste - grease trap, Urban waste - green, Urban waste - other, Urban waste - paper, Urban waste - timber

Biosolids Snapshot, 2012, Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities

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