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Cook Shire

A community in transition 
About Cook Shire

Cook Shire is the largest land area shire in Queensland covering more than 100,000 square km and occupying 80% of Cape York Peninsula. With a population of about 6,500, it is a vibrant area from the main township of Cooktown to the smaller outlying communities rich in indigenous history, agriculture, tourism and arts. 


Cook Shire enjoys a mild tropical climate with the wet season typically running from January to March and April to December bringing a drier period and cooler weather. During the wet season, there are risks of cyclones and flooding, while the dry season can bring bush fires.

Cattle grazing covers much of the Shire and is an important part of the history, lifestyle and economy.  Small-scale horticulture including bananas, sorghum, corn, legumes, melons and tropical fruits occurs around Lakeland Downs and Cooktown. Other key industries include bauxite mining, engineering, construction, metals manufacturing, accommodation and support services. Tourism is an

emerging industry.

Working together

The Community and Cook Shire Council are working with the Clean Growth Choices (CGC) consortium to create their Transition Roadmap. 

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