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Communities in Transition 

for Queensland Communities

Indigenous Artist - Roel Wijnants |

Lychees - CSIRO - Science Image - 2309

Lichen & street scene - Quest Media

Build robust infrastructure
Low Res_Sunday Creek Educ Centre_Cononda
Sustainable buildings, transport and renewable energy projects. 
Capacity building & innovation
 Develop policy, systems and processes to build capacity 
Become climate resilient 
Rescue helicopter- CSIRO - Science Iamge
Implement climate adaption techniques to tackle heat, extreme weather events and natural disasters.
Free Pixbay Image_greenhouse.jpg
Policy to support Queensland communities in transition.


Value add
Lentils - CSIRO-Science Iamge 3324.jpg
Change or transform a process, product or service to a more valuable & sustainable state. 
Become more eco-efficient
EV charging.JPG
Reduce resource consumption to save money and reduce impacts. 
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