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Communities in Transition 

for Queensland Communities

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Climate adaptation
Urban mitigation of the impacts of extreme heat
Preparing and functioning for extreme weather events & natural disasters
  • Physical
    • Safe and well supplied havens
    • Effective evacuation channels
    • Community infrastructure reinforced and well supplied (utilities, health services & communication providers) 
    • Prepared, healthy and equipped local emergency health services, volunteers & community groups
    • Access to external assistance (state and national)
    • Effective alert and warning systems 
  • Procedures
    • Disaster plans and policies
    • Emergency management plans 
    • Community awareness and education campaigns
    • Regular training
  • Social (link to community resilience)
    • Individuals take responsibility
    • Community leaders
    • Strong social capital
    • Community is socially inclusive
Building capacity withstand extreme climate events
Build back better
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