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Communities in Transition 

for Queensland Communities

Shed with solar, hot houses & sugar cane- Quest Media

CGC Program Partners
The CGC consortium comprises an experienced team from the research and private sector who seek to work with communities to help them build sustainable, vibrant and prosperous futures. 
The team uses the latest future visioning and transition planning techniques and provides ongoing practical support to help communities create their own transition roadmaps. Each transition roadmap is a discrete community developed and owned plan addressing that community’s
unique circumstances, opportunities and choices.

Quick Links
University of Southern Queensland
James Cook University
The EcoEfficiency Group

University of Southern Queensland

Institute for Resilient Regions (Operations)

The University of Southern Queensland’s Institute for Resilient Regions is a research centre, that is heavily engaged with industry and stakeholders, contributing to innovation that is of benefit to our communities and the nation. 

The key research focus is on finding solutions for the national and global challenges faced by industries such as agriculture, natural resource management and people living and doing business in regional areas.  The IRR believe that Regional Australia’s biggest asset is the people themselves and that for the communities to thrive they need the infrastructure, skills and capacity to adapt to change and compete in the global economic market.  

USQ brings to this consortium their knowledge of developing resilience in regional Australia and the cutting edge research in the areas such as agriculture that are the staples of regional communities.

USQ led by John Cole

Andrew Chamberlain

Program Manager - Southern Region

Geoff Woolcock.jpg

Geoff Woolcock

James Cook University

The Cairns Institute

The Cairns Institute leads cutting-edge research into understanding and informing the critical processes of transformation that will shape the societies and environment of the future within the tropics.   The Institute is home to a multi-disciplinary team bringing together expertise in ecological, environmental and societal research into the tropics.

JCU bring to the consortium social science research and capacity building with strengths in social and environmental transformation.  

Alan Dale.jpeg
Stewart Lockie.JPG

JCU led by Allan Dale

Margaret Gooch 

Program manager - 

Northern Region

Stewart Lockie

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

Climate Risks and Resilience

CSIRO is Australia’s leading scientific organisation and one of the largest and most diverse scientific organisations in the world.  Climate transitions and practical tools to achieve this is one of CSIRO’s main focus areas.  

The Climate Risks and Resilience group has a special focus on developing strategic pathways and roadmaps to deliver solutions by working directly with organisations and communities.  
CSIRO brings to the consortium these strategic pathway development tools along with the technical expertise in mega trends, economic transitions and decision science, energy transformation, carbon accounting, climate-smart agriculture and adaptive value chains.


CSIRO led by Veronica Doerr

Rachel Williams

Yiheyis Maru

The Ecoefficiency Group

The Ecoefficiency Group has spent the past 20 year working with businesses, governments, community and industry groups to implement practices that provide a stable platform for growth with minimal environmental impact.  TEG educates and assists others to embed sustainable practices within every level of their business.   

Initially operating through the University of Queensland as The Working Group for Cleaner Production, TEG was established in 2013 and began practising as an independent consulting firm. TEGs passion and experience working with a range of industries has made them leaders in sustainability consulting.

TEG brings to the consortium practical hands-on experience of working directly with businesses in resource efficiency.

Penny medium size.JPG

TEG led by Penny Prasad

Jane Gaffel.jpg

Jane Gaffel

Nicole Price.jpg

Nicole Price

Don Parry.jpg

Don Parry

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