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Communities in Transition 

for Queensland Communities

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The CGC WebsiteHub

This website hub has been developed to provide practical resources and stories to help encourage and support communities transitioning to a more prosperous and thriving future. 

The website has been designed around possible pathways communities may wish to explore and develop.


Each pathway consists of many opportunities. This dynamic website aims to continually build links to practical resources and case studies as these opportunities are explored by Queensland communities

working with the CGC consortium. 


Resources will also include a webinar series specifically developed on topics relevant to Queensland communities and information on funding opportunities and other relevant Queensland government programs.    

  The website links to communities around Australia who are in transition  and shares news and good stories from our own Queensland communities. 


 While this website has a Queensland focus, it also includes many other useful national and international resources and stories.    



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Street of Woodford -  Quest Media

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