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Communities in Transition 

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Forecasts and opportunities

Building a lucky country: Positioning for prosperity? Catching the next wave, 2014, Deloitte

This paper, the third in our Building the Lucky Country series, expands on our preview published in late 2013 by discussing growth prospects across Australia’s economy. Collectively, gas, agribusiness, tourism, international education and wealth management have the potential to be as big as mining. Catching the next wave identifies 25 sectoral hotspots with the biggest potential to contribute to Australia’s prosperity over the next 20 years. 

Agricultural Opportunities in Southern Queensland, Qld Government, University of Southern Queensland, Regional Development Australia, Food Leaders Australian

The purpose of this document is to showcase agricultural production and processing capability in Southern Queensland. The following document outlines capabilities of key industries including their capacity to supply international markets and investment opportunities in agricultural industries. Statistics quoted are from areas designated by the Australian Bureau of Statistic (ABS), namely the Darling Downs and Toowoomba. This document recognises that the connectivity to neighbouring regions in Queensland and New South Wales is important for continuity of supply. The document is aimed at potential customers, both international and domestic, seeking a diverse range of food and fibre products produced in Southern Queensland, and also investors who may wish to invest in these industries.

Queensland agriculture snapshot, 2018, Queensland Government

This report provides a snapshot of Queensland’s agriculture and food industry sector—its performance, its place in the orld, its relationship with the broader economy and society, and the issues it faces.

Queensland AgTrends 2018–19 Forecasts and trends in Queensland agricultural, fisheries and forestry production, 2018, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

Source of statistics, analyses and forecasts for Queensland’s agricultural, fisheries and forestry production.

Queensland’s agriculture strategy A 2040 vision to double agricultural production, 2013, Queensland Government

Outlines a vision and framework for growth based on four key pathways: 1. securing and increasing resource availability 2. driving productivity growth across the supply chain 3. securing and increasing market access 4. minimising the costs of production. These pathways are the key foundations required for sustainable and ongoing growth of the sector in terms of increasing production and value.

Strategic planning

Tweed Sustainable Agriculture Strategy, 2016, Tweed Council, NSW

This strategy provides a vision and framework for practical actions. It highlights key issues affecting farm sustainability and identifies practical steps to overcome existing and perceived future challenges. It defines Council’s involvement with the farming sector and provides necessary direction towards achieving Council’s corporate objectives.

South Coast Group Food and Fibre Strategy and Action Plan 2015-2020

This document, the Strategic Plan, outlines the strategy platforms, programs and rationale for a five-year strategic plan. The Food & Fibre Strategy was commissioned by the Great South Coast Group (GSCG) as a priority project in the economic development pillar of The Great South Coast Regional Strategic Plan.

Agriculture Victoria Strategy and Victoria’s Food and Fibre Sector Strategy

This strategy responds to economic, environmental and social drivers such as emerging markets, climate change, and changing consumer demands. It contributes to the Victorian Government’s goals of growing jobs and the economy, and the vision of a high growth, high value food and fibre sector set out in Victoria’s Food and Fibre Sector Strategy.


Investment opportunities in Australian agribusiness and food, 2017, Australian Trade and Investment Commission 

Leveraging established connections with Asia, Australia provides investors with unparalleled opportunities to capitalise on the demand from fast-growing consumer markets for healthy, premium and convenient food products. As a major agricultural producer, Australia offers potential investors access to high-quality raw inputs and the skills and capabilities needed to undertake world-class research and development (R&D).

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