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Regenerative Agriculture
“Regenerative Agriculture” describes farming and grazing practices that rebuilding soil organic matter and restoring degraded soil biodiversity. It aims to increase the water holding capacity of the soil and and it's ability to sequestering carbon. 
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Conservation tillage
Improving soil fertility and structure 
Natural sequencing to hydrate soils
Rotational grazing practices & holistic resource management ​
Greater biodiversity 
  • General
  • Multiple crop inter-crop plantings
  • Multi-species cover crops
  • Boundary and riparian habitats
Indigenous knowledge
Funding models 

VicsuperWinlaton, Victoria

In the early 2000s, Kilter Rural had convinced VicSuper to commit more than $200 million into a “greenfields” farm investment. From 2007 onwards it selected 35 farms. The Kilter Rural founders were trained in natural resource management (NRM) with a passion for the environment.

Ecological estate' has been progressively fenced, protected and restored, Rotational grazing on the native forage for a flock of 3,000 merino ewes, Heavy infusion with composts and organic matter, Returns in excess of 8% on capital invested per year, through blending three income sources - agricultural produce, interacting with the water market and through available eco-market. 

Open Resolve Funds Management Pty Limited

Open Resolve Funds Management (Pty Limited) is a funds and asset management business, specialising in Australian grazing investments.  This is achieved through selectively implementing innovative regenerative land management practices, in partnership with share-grazeries, to increase the capacity of grazing land for the long term benefit of investors and stakeholders.

Wide Open Agriculture, Williams, West Australia 

Wide Open Agriculture 100% owns and operates three subsidiary companies that allow a complete vertical integration from regenerating landscapes to providing informed customers with a meaningful food experience. The company manages land assets by purchasing land through innovative financing platforms and partnering with regenerative farmers to restore the natural ecology and long-term productivity of the Wheatbelt. By acquiring land to lease back to it's farmer-partners, they hope to transition up to 100,000 hectares of land to natural functionality and deliver 4 returns to the environment and the regional community.

Agriculture asset management firms

SLM Partners’ method of regenerative agriculture is to move large herds of beef cattle across huge tracts of degraded land in Australia in a way that aims to mimic their movement in wild as much as possible. 

This method is more commonly known as holistic planned grazing and was introduced by Alan Savory, a biologist and founder, of the Savory Institute in London. Savory has been responsible for reversing the signs of diversification across in several countries from Africa to Mexico.


Australian Regenerative Alliance

A collaboration led by Southern Cross University SCU) to support Australian farmers, foresters and fishers by building on the foundations of the highly successful national Farming Together program and by leveraging SCU’s existing scientific and research capacities. The alliance will bring together the resources, knowledge and expertise of SCU and external partners across regenerative agriculture and primary production including the Environmental Analysis Laboratory, Analytical Research Laboratory, Southern Cross Plant Science, School of Environment, Science and Engineering, Forest Research Centre, Centre for Organics Research and National Marine Science Centre

Training / support 

RegenAG, Walkamin, Qld

RegenAG provide farmers, professional organisations and communities with education, training and consultancy opportunities to learn from the world’s most innovative and effective regenerative agriculture practitioners in a wide range of fields.

Soils for Life, Barton, Qld 


Soils for Life support the growing number of innovative farmers and land managers who are successfully regenerating their landscapes and maintaining or increasing their production.

Southern Blue Regenerative, Armidale, NSW

Family property has been operating under a minimal input and cell grazed holistic management system since the early 90’s allowing native grasslands to rejuvenate. The aim is to continue regenerating the soils and plants and introduce multiple enterprises that overlap and benefit each other.  The 3,000-hectare property already supports cattle and sheep grazing, managed game for bow hunting and farm tourism.

They business runs regenerative food and farming tours in Australian and overseas. 

Regenerative Australian Farmers 

Regenerative Australian Farmers (RAF) is a facilitator and service provider for integrated agricultural solutions to build and monetise soil organic carbon, soil health and rural prosperity. This includes cost effective soil carbon evaluations, soil carbon field coring, baselining expertise & targeted implementation plans to support long term soil carbon contracts. RAF is a member of the Australian Government’s soil carbon methodology working group to further develop and refine measurement and reporting techniques and is linked to a global leader in remote sensing (satellite) of ground data including soil carbon.

RAF (see above) offer selected courses, seminars and resources to assist with your learning about regenerative agriculture. They work with and connect landholders with leading trainers and practitioners and support peer to peer learning.

NRM SOUTH, Tasmamia

Engaging farmers through supported activities to encourage trial and adoption of regenerative landscape management, Tailoring support to land manager requirements, Farmers adopting trials of planned grazing

and gaining a sound understanding of farmers’ interests in improving their landscape. 

Regenerative Agriculture Resources -   Regeneration International  

Annotated Bibliography, books, podcasts, videos, journals and info-graphics 


Regeneration of Soils and Ecosystems: The Opportunity to Prevent Climate Change: Basis for a Necessary Climate and Agricultural Policy , 2017, Ideaa Regeneration Systems


Report explains and justifys scientifically the need to give absolute priority to the regeneration of soils and ecosystems.



Farmers abuzz about regenerative farming, Farm Weekly 

A Dry Hope

Khory Hancock's  'A DRY HOPE' showcases real life examples of 'regenerative agriculture' in outback Australia and Africa. The film shows complete transformations of deteriorated landscapes from desert to carbon and vegetation rich country. It delves into how grazing can be used to reverse desertification of grasslands. 


Regenerative agriculture can make farmers stewards of the land againThe Conversation

Funding models
Training and support
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